The ultimate message of the Church is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your brand centers around that message. All branding should be a means by which to point people to Jesus.

In order for that to happen, your brand and all of your messaging should be…

  • glorifying to God
  • strategic
  • cohesive
  • passionate
  • honest
  • clear/simple
  • consistent

Let’s unpack what that means…

Glorifying to God – The Church’s purpose is to glorify God. Therefore, it follows that your message should glorify God as well.

Strategic – We want to be good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us.

Cohesive – All ministries should be working together to share the Gospel. If you have 4 separate ministries, it should feel like they are all under the same church – not 4 separate churches with 4 separate ways and means of communicating a message.

Passionate – If we are not passionate about our message, why would anyone else be?

Honest – We want people to trust what we say.

Clear/Simple – The Gospel is simple. Our message should be simple and clear-cut as well.

Consistent – We need to be who we say we are, and stick with it. All of our communications should look like it came from one church with one overarching message, not several churches with a dozen different mission statements and values.