2X Church Growth Formula with Josh Irmler

Layer 1: Invitation Conversion Rate (ICR)
This is the percentage of the amount of people that get invited to church that actually end up coming. Between 60% & 90% of people invited to come to church by a friend will come.

Layer 2: Guest Integration Rate (GIR)
This is the percentage of  visitors becoming regular attenders. This number is around 33%. Not all visitors are created equal. There’s 3 categories of people: churched, unchurched, and de-churched people. Where your church family is inviting people from will have huge implications on whether or not they stick long-term.

People who are already connected at another church aren’t likely to stay around at your church.

Go after those who are unchurched and dechurched to increase your guest integration rate.

Layer 3: Annual Membership Invitation Rate (AMIR)
How many people your congregants actually invite per year per person. You’re doing good if your congregants only invite one person to join them per year. (This means your rate would be 1. If each congregant invited 2 people, your rate would be 2).

Scenario: If a congregant invites 1 person each year for 4 years, 3 of them will say yes. Out of those 3 people, 1 of them will become a regular attender. This means that every 4 years, your congregation size should double (or increase by a quarter each year).

Goal #1: Increase the number of people your congregants are inviting. Get it up to 4. Every 3 months, do a campaign or emphasis on getting each congregant to invite 1 person.

Now, if congregants invite 4 people per year, 3 will come. If 3 people come, 1 will stick.

Why don’t people invite others to church? We don’t ask our people to invite others and we don’t give them the tools and resources to invite people.

AMIR x ICR x GIR x [Church Size] = # of new guests per year






Josh Irmler is the lead pastor at Fresno Church.


Connecting Sundays

extend the sermon


Look at…
…a medical transcriptionist already in your church (haha!)

Highlight the portions that really speak to you.



Want to increase your video’s reach? Make it vertical.

Use Facebook Live.

Facebook wants to stay on Facebook. Post video natively.

Ask a lot of questions.

STOP SCROLLING posts work really well.

Mobile content consumption is increasing.

Square videos can increase reach by 30-35% and increase engagement by 80-100%.

It costs less to do square video ads on Facebook.

Invite those who like your posts to like your Page.

Search your page and revive your old content.

WEBSITE: DesignFeed.io

WEBSITE: Grum.co


Do photobooths on big holidays like Easter and Christmas. Give the people a business card with your FB name on it and tell them to go to FB to get their photos.

Square Facebook video ads are the best way to do ads and get the best bang for your buck.




Optimizing Content for Peak Engagment


If you want to improve on social media, don’t go by feelings. Go by numbers.

Great content is king.

We can’t count on every graphic or every photo going viral.

Our focus should be on figuring out how to make our regular content stop scrolling and start sharing with their friends.

The average person doesn’t scroll through Facebook on a laptop. They are usually on mobile.

Mobile is key.

90% of Facebook users are on mobile.

Over half of all digital video views are on mobile.

People only go to church once every few weeks. What you show on the screens at church will only be seen by a small percentage of your people.

85% of social media is viewed on mobile devices. Now, 85% of those mobile users have the sound off. Use subtitles.

Make your videos shorter. People’s attention spans are shorter than ever.

Make your sermon clips 45-60 seconds.

In the sanctuary, people are practically forced to watch your video to the end. Online, people chose whether or not they want to watch the video.

If all the stuff people need to know is at the end of the video, people are probably going to miss it.

94% of people prefer to hold their phones vertically.

Make your graphics and video either square or vertical.

Vertical FB/Insta ratio –> 4:5
FB ratio –> 2:3
Full portrait/vertical –> 9:16

APP: CutStory (will cut video for Insta stories)

APP: InStory

App/Software: OBS – a way to do prerecorded videos as FB Live


On Facebook…

  • Reach is usually about 3-5% of your total audience/likes.
  • Engagement is usually about 1-1.5%.



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Creativity is Muscle, Not Magic

Kindergarden is not separated into creatives and analytics. 98% are creative. At age 15, only 12% are creative.

2% of people are creative.

How to be creative…

  • Stay alert.
  • Write & read every day. Write your ideas down. Read until something inspires you.
  • Become a creative scrapbooker. Everything that you see that you like, collect it. Pictures are a beautiful thing.
  • Take a photo every day.
  • Let both your champions and your challengers speak into your life on a monthly basis.
  • Break your routine. Do it intentionally. There’s a reason that when you travel, you get more ideas than when you’re at home.
  • Research.
  • Find your jam. Create playlists for the work you are doing.
  • Catch a movie. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a motion picture worth?
  • Walk it out. Movement makes you more creative.
  • Once per month, create something unnecessarily.
  • Be intentional to get alone time. You get most of your ideas when you’re in the car, in the shower, or just waking up or going to bed. Why? Because your brain is able to actually process.
  • Don’t settle.
  • Say “no” when it’s right, but try to be accomodating when possible.
  • You’re not allowed to quit being the creative God made you to be.

We have a responsibility to steward our creativity well.

READ: Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Creativity is not a switch we can flip.

Do show & tell during staff meetings.

APP: “Okay, Do This.”

Ideas are like unicorns. Don’t let them escape.

We need to have champions and challengers in your life.

It’s easy to surround ourselves with church people all day, and never encounter unchurched people. When that happens, we lose how to connect to unchurched people online and offline. That’s not good.

APP: Flipboard

If the leadership decides that the design team is going to lead kids ministry, those kids are probably all going to Hell. If the kids ministry becomes the design team, the designs are probably going to look like they are from Hell.

PODCAST: Game Changers with Molly Fletcher





Your community will love your church… if your church loves your community.

The Church should be more interested in wanting something FOR people than wanting something FROM people.

What do we want to be known FOR?
What are we known FOR?

Many people are more familiar with what the Church is AGAINST rather than what the Church is FOR.

The message of Church is getting reduced to what we are AGAINST, than what we are FOR.

LOOK: #ForGwinnett

The Church is better at debating the Gospel than demonstrating the Gospel. -Reggie Joiner


We need a communication strategy that accomplished two goals with unchurched people:

  • Create commmon ground.
  • Create conversations.


Scenario: Someone asks about your #FORGwinnett tshirt. What the person wearing the shirt says next is really important: Our experience is that most people are more familiar what churches are against than what we’re for. And we want to be known with what we’re for, and for this community… because we live here too…


If a business was a person, many businesses would be perceived as narcissistic.

We need to stop getting customers to become raving fans of us, and we need to become raving fans of our customers.

Dialogue vs Monologue

I think churches and businesses should be more interested in LIKING than POSTING.

Outside vs Inside

We’re here to help other people and their businesses thrive… because when they are living out their purpose, they are glorifying God.

Leaders are repeaters.

Find your message, and once you find your message, you have to stay on message… and repeat it over and over and over again.

It took Chick-fil-A approximately 7 years to make “my pleasure” stick.





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Transition is hard… Stephen can help.

TCC5 v2.jpg

We might think we know what tomorrow is, but we really don’t know what tomorrow holds.

There is always a transition coming, and we have to figure out how to navigate that transition.

When you make a transition in life, it’s hard in life. When you roll 6 deep, that transition has ripples.

If you’re married, both of you will know when it’s time to transition.

If you are considering a transition or have been through one…

  • What wakes you up in the morning?
  • What are the non-negotiables for you?
  • If you press pause and then ff 5 years, where should you be?
  • What can you not bend or break on?

You have to know where your future is, what vision God has given you for your “next thing.”

When you quit a job, you hurt someone else but you don’t hurt yourself.

When you get  fired, you get hurt but someone else (at your job) doesn’t get hurt (usually).

Don’t use God as a shield for the real reason you leave a job.

The decisions of other people may force you to leave your job. It sucks, but it’s reality.

During transition, God is not surprised you’re not in this season.
During transition, you have to stay teachable and flexible.
During transition, protect your relationships.

God can’t start something here and now if you’re holding onto what was.

The Rules of Transition

  • Transitions are never easy.
  • Every transition needs to be processed. Give yourself the grace to process all of your feelings.
  • When you take a new job, it’s going to take some time. It’s okay if you don’t have any wins until Month 9 or 10.
  • Be brave but be flexible. You’re practically part of a chemistry experience.
  • Be respectful. Where you are today is lucky to have you… and you’re lucky to have them.
  • You may capture new magic, but things are never going to be the same.
  • Adjust or be adjusted. Get used to your new environment.
  • You get a window of grace that will get you through your new season at your new job.
  • While you have fresh eyes at an organization, take notes to the things that other people have become blind to.
  • Learn your team. Invest in them.
  • Ask questions.
  • Take ownership. You’re going to screw up. Own it, and then move on.
  • Be kind to yourself.

Seek a counselor, someone who you can process things through with.

When God calls you to leave…
…it’s going to be confirmed by people close to you
… you’ll pray about it, not react to it
… God will generally open a new door first

Chase His voice, and be relentless in finding Him.



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Connect With Your Guests


When you’re managing social media and the digital sphere, it’s not a 9-to-5 job… especially if you’re the one also creating the content.

If you’re able to zoom out from piecemealing social media, you can start to build and see strategy.

We have a tendancy to work on an old operating system in how we do things. It’s like using Windows Vista or XP instead the iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

Our culture is post-Christian. We’ve changed what we care about as individuals, families, and as a culture. We have to move to a new operating system and meeting people to where they are.

We have to start the conversation with something other than “would you like to learn how you can get to Heaven?”

Stop telling and start showing.

We tend to treat our people like cattle or barcodes. We care more about numbers than stories. This isn’t okay!

We want quick, fast returns without any cultivation of the message. Microwave marketing doesn’t create long-term results. We need crock-pot marketing. Relationships develop over time. We need equity chips so that at some point, you have the trust needed to invite someone to church.

3 pillars to focus on in digital marketing: target –> attract –> engage.

We do more than just nerding out in the corner. (Can I get an amen!?)

Define You Target –
Sub-audiences –> Break your audience apart. Think about specific demographics and audiences within your bigger audience.

#Win –> Define the win from the perspective of your sub-audience.

Only market what you can deliver. Don’t advertise an event with stock photos showing hundreds of people if you only expect 20 to turn up.

Build your audience.
T – Target felt needs with content (ie: book review, sermon clip). Connects importance of Bible to everyday life.

A – Attract them to your Opt In page.

C – Conversations

O – Opportunities (CTAs)

Let people see what they will experience in your worship service.

Target people who are going through life transitions – whether that be moving, getting married, or something else.

Talk to people. Do it digitally.

When you’re attracting people, you gotta have somethign to talk about. You can’t just stare at each other.


Let’s talk weekly content…

  • Sunday sermon soundbites
  • Bible building blocks
  • Volunteers are heroes
  • Ministry Merry-Go-Round
  • It’s Friday, but Suunday is coming
  • New Visitor Vistas
  • Video is the new black

Make it easy for your people to share your stuff and invite others to church. Give them the talking device.

Pass the mic! It can’t always be about you.

The Oprah Effect – She’s famous, not because of who she is but because of who she interviews.

Be a champion for your city. If you’re going to redeem it, you have to be part of it.

Facebook Live Video Idea: Your pastor on a scooter giving a tour of the church

5 Cs…

  • Contacts
  • Converse
  • Community
  • Collaboration
  • Corral

Move from 1-to-many conversations to 1-to-1 conversations.

Bring people into your ecosystem of community development.

The media isn’t opposed to religion. It’s just that the church is just not good at telling stories.

How to end up on the news… in a good way

T – Trends. Tell the story of your people and overlay that onto overarching trends

E – Events.

D – Data. Do a survey and connect it to the large picture…

Follow up with your guests. Build a relationship over time with them. Also, your email should be text-based.

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