The Bible lists out a lot of sins. Do not murder. Do not commit adultery. Do not lie or steal or cheat or do anything that is against God. However, as Jesus-following society has transferred from “Biblical Church of the Trinity and Everything Else Holy” to “Christian We-Like-Jesus Cultural Church,” we’ve started to create our very own list of sins that aren’t not in Scripture. Here are a couple:

1) Not liking C.S. Lewis – It’s become completely unacceptable to dislike C.S. Lewis, to hate the Chronicles of Narnia, and/or disagree with C.S. Lewis. While in a Christian context, especially while in at a Christian university, saying you dislike C.S. Lewis borders on the verge of heresy. Seriously, people will begin to wonder if you are even a Christian.

2) Being late to church – Pastors hate in when you’re late to church. Though some will try to conceal it, they will all secretly glare at you while you waltz into church with your Starbucks white chocolate mocha while the pastor is finishing up the annoucements. Sheesh, you’ve already missed the first two songs. Does your attendance even count now? 

3) Not going on an international mission trip – Mission trips have become incredibly hip over the past five or ten years. 100 years ago, going on a mission trip meant packing your clothes in your coffin because you knew you were never coming back to the U.S. Mission trips used to be “forever trips.” Now, they are week-long excursions to a (usually) exotic place where you have the opportunity to serve people (if your helping isn’t hurting) and take some incredible instagram pictures. If you don’t instagram it, did you even go? 

4) Skipping church – Okay, I probably just crossed the line with a lot of folks. Five years ago, I just might have considered this a sin, as I equated “sabbath” with “attending church.” Church attendance isn’t mandatory. If it was, a large portion of the Christian population would be in some serious trouble.

5) Not raising your hands in worship – Every once in a while, I will visit a church where everyone raises their hands and/or fistpumps during worship. I’m a Presbyterian, and we generally don’t do that. When I go to a church that does, I get a lot of weird looks, and I feel as if I can read into people’s minds. Why isn’t she raising her hands? Does she not love Jesus? Is she not getting anything out of worship? (As if worship is supposed to fulfill us! Ha!) Is she even Christian? 

What other unbiblical sins are there that I’m leaving out? I’m sure there’s plenty!