I love all pizzazz and spark of July Fourth. It’s a wonderful celebration of patriotism and the American spirit. That bit of optimism being said, we, as Americans, also tend to drag some of our own spirituality and theology into it.

We see this illustrated with three simple words: God Bless America. At first, nothing seems wrong with this, but we are subconsciously equating America with Israel.

In the Old Testament, God blessed the nation of Israel with materialistic prosperity. Israel was a nation, a nation of God’s people. Now, we believe the United States is Israel, the nation God blesses.

But we have it all wrong. The phrase “nation of Israel” really means the “people-group of Israel.” Israel was a group, THE GROUP, of God’s Chosen People. ALL of them worshiped God. They chose Him, and He chose them.

This is far from the truth for the US. The United States is not a people group. We are not God’s Chosen People. There is no correlation between Israel and the United States, apart from the truth that there is a percent of the population the worships God.

The United States of America is not Israel.