This week, the last internship position I applied for turned me down. Okay, actually, the position didn’t turn me down. That’s quite impossible. The youth ministry turned me down.

My summer schedule is now starting to look rather empty. I’ll be staying in Birmingham, doing who-knows-what, and as I search for a job nannying or working at a restaurant, I hear a tiny voice whispering in my ear.

It is the voice of God.

“Rest easy, my child. You have worked for four years straight, without even a few weeks of rest. Sabbath.”

That is so true, I’ve worked – whether it be at school or at a job – for the past four years, rarely taking more than a few days to not do work.

“Rest easy, my child. Your body is worn out, and your heart is tired.”

We are called to Sabbath. One out of every seven days should be a Sabbath. On the seventh day, God rested, and so on the seventh day, we too are supposed to rest.

But Sabbath isn’t easy. Our culture is non-stop. We work through our weekends, trying to keep pace with the world. Personally, I can’t afford to not work for three months. I desperately need the money. My body doesn’t feel right if it isn’t working. I feel useless if I’m not doing something productive.

Simply said, I hate Sabbath.

But at the same time, I know my body, my mind, and my heart and soul need a break. And so this summer, I will find a Sabbath, even if it’s only a “part-time Sabbath.”