social media engagement


Facebook algorithms are changing constantly, and figuring out how to keep your audience engaging with your Page can be hard. Here’s some helpful tips to keep people connected to your brand or organization on social media:

  1. Use photos.
    It’s easy to just post graphics. You can get a graphic from anywhere, but shooting, editing, and posting a photo takes a bit more work. However, it shows who you¬†actually¬†are as a brand or organization. It increases your audience’s trust in you and drives engagement.
  2. Post consistently.
    There’s a ton of reasons for this but perhaps the biggest one is the Facebook algorithm. The more you post, the more Facebook begins to understand who might like your content and page and the more it will show your posts to your target audience. You’ll also be providing consistent value to your audience.
  3. Share stories.
    People connect to one another through sharing stories – not through sharing data and information. When you share stories of your people, people can better relate and connect with you as a brand. You go from being a faceless entity to be a collective of people with stories.