Chris Dunagan brought the heat today talking about content strategy, how it works, and why you need one. Here’s some of his key points and top quotes.

  • We are stewards of the gospel.
  • Church online is broken if it doesn’t connect people to people.
  • Content strategy: mobilizing resources to achieve a goal in support of the vision of your organization
  • Vision determines content and context.
  • There are 2 ways to get content: curate it or create it.
  • Refine -> Revise -> Improve -> Recycle
  • “Connect people with something that you’ve taught them, or with something that they’re about to learn.”
  • “Your feelings will lie to you, but your data will not lie.”
  • Distribution is important. Just because you create a website doesn’t mean that people will flock to it.
  • “By the time your staff is tired of hearing your core values, your volunteers are JUST beginning to catch on.”
  • 7 reasons why Christians get baptized > Come be baptized.
  • Evaluate: content strategy, vision, content, context, create, distribution, timing
  • Strategy wheel: Writing (How we say it?) -> Distribution (Where we say it?) -> Listening (What are THEY saying?) -> Messaging (What we want them to say?)
  • Your content strategy should further the Gospel of Jesus and not the fame of you, your leader or your organization.
  • “We can’t build a kingdom when it’s attached to ourselves, it must be attached to our Maker.”