I’m a Christian, but I deeply struggle on Communion Sunday. Before you think I’m a heathen, I first want to say that I love that my church family takes Communion together on a regular basis. It is such a beautiful reminder of the crucifixion of our Lord.

However, I struggle with taking Communion out of a tiny cup that you can hold with just two fingers and eating a piece of stale bread no bigger than a thumbnail. Like, really?!? I have to believe that Christ died so we can have forgiveness in abundance. So that we can eat His body and drink His blood in abundance.

Because Grace is abundant.

Actually, it’s more than just abundant. It’s an overflowing cup that never run dry and a loaf of bread that never grows stale and never runs out.

That’s what Grace is about.

Grace isn’t little like our communion cups or stale like our Communion crackers.

So let us partake of Holy Communion in abundance.