First of all, let me just give you a public service announcement: I love Jesus! Now, let’s get real. I attend a Christian University, and therefore, a lot of my friends are Christian. This means that a lot of the people I follow on Twitter are also going to be Christians – sometimes to the extent that my Twitter feed looks a lot like a Christian devotional.

As I scroll through hundreds of tweets every day, I find there are three types of Christian tweeters:

The “Secular” Christian Tweeter
This type of tweet tweets everything from Instagram pictures to tweets about life to Vine videos. They are willing to tell you anything and everything about their lives, but the one thing you won’t find them tweeting about is religion. They don’t ever tweet Bible verses or quotes from Christian writers. They also never mention just how great the worship at church was or what their pastor preached about that Sunday.

Pro To Following: They won’t bombard you with Jesus and might actually tweet about other things that are at least slightly important.

Con To Following: They don’t grow you as a Christian.

The Occasional Bible Verse Tweeter
This person will tweet a Bible verse or Christian quote every once in a while. They certainly won’t over-tweet anything Christianese.  They don’t want to appear over-spiritual but don’t want others to think they are complete heathens either.

Pro To Following: They provide you with a perfect balance of Jesus and “normal.”

Con To Following: What they actually believe can be a bit confusing. Last night they tweeted about going to a bar and getting wasted, and this morning, they tweeted a Bible verse. What?

The Christianese Tweeter
This group of people tweet in one language only and that’s Christianese. Every tweet contains a Christian quote, Bible verse, or a comment about something Christian. They want to spread the Gospel using only Twitter.

Pro To Following: They provide you with a daily dose of Jesus. Heck, they tweet Jesus so much that you don’t even need to go buy a devotional when you can just read their tweets.

So, what type of tweeter are you?

(By the way, you can find out what type of tweeter I
am by checking me out @NicaMissionary)