I was on a roll early with all my confessions, but life happened and got me sidetracked. To make up for it, here’s some things I should probably confess related to my work as a youth ministry leader.

  1. I am absolutely terrible with remembering names. I try, and I fail. Just when I think I have everyone’s names down, I forget someone’s name who I’ve seen and talked to multiple times.
  2. I think our youth directors are some of the coolest people out there. Yes, I’m a 20-year-old and I’m saying our YOUTH directors are full of awesome-sauce.
  3. It’s not always easy for me to connect with the other youth ministry leaders. The college-aged leaders grew up going to the church, and they’re BFFs with all our youth directors. I’m the outsider, the new kid on the block, and it’s hard. Painfully hard.
  4. Being told you’re “not needed” for a youth ministry event or retreat can hurt, especially when other leaders are going. It’s part of being new and part of being human, but that doesn’t take away my human ability to hurt and feel unwanted, and I have to fight off the bitterness that swells within me.
  5. There will be nights when, on the drive back home, you just want to cry because you feel like you didn’t love the youth “well enough.” Thankfully, our God is bigger than that.
  6. There will also be nights when you throw a little party in your car on the drive home, because you feel like you connected with with both the youth, the youth directors, other youth ministry leaders.
  7. Serving in youth ministry may never be easy, but at the end of the day, God is still sovereign over all of it.