During Fall Break, I decided to stay in Birmingham rather than return to Georgia. I had way too much to do and too little time. Between Monday and Tuesday, I had 4 one-on-one ministry meetings.

Yes, that’s a lot of meetings – especially when they’re all ministry meetings.

I wanted to share some things God showed me through those meetings:

  1. Developing relationships takes times. I’m not good with patience. At all. But relationships aren’t built overnight, and if somehow, they are, then the foundation is likely not very sturdy.
  2. I do way too many things. I go to class 20 hours per week, work 19 hours per week, and am involved with church 10-15 hours per week. None of that is necessarily bad, but I’m also redoing my website, doing homeless ministry, coordinating TEDxSamfordU, finishing editing a documentary, serving as editor for 3 different publications, shooting a ton of freelance photography, and writing/editing a book. Did I mention that I’m also starting to fill out grant applications for law school? I’ve been in denial that I’m doing too much. It’s time to stop denying it.
  3. I need to start using all the resources my church has available. Apparently, approximately 30 people gather once a month at my church to discuss missions and such and I had no idea. Many of these 30 people have the time/ability to pour significant wisdom into me about the mission field and prepare me to eventually go into full-time overseas missions.
  4. Ministry is about being available. It’s not about what I want or think I want to do. It’s about how God and the ministry leaders want and can use me.
  5. Trust is essential to ministry. Leaders and volunteers need to be able to trust one another, and students need to be able to trust their leaders!

Having so many meetings back-to-back was a little overwhelming, but I’m so thankful for the opportunity to learn from those who have gone before me.