It’s Sunday, and I’m not sitting in a pew. Part of me feels incredibly unholy for sleeping in and not going to a different building for church. As I write this, however, I am livestreaming my church’s service – which is taking place 200+ miles away.

Our service opens with singing and music. It’s awesome – if you’re there, in person. If you’re watching all of this take place on a screen, it’s a little weird. Am I supposed to sing along? I mean, the words are on the screen. Oh, one of the worship leaders just lifted her hands. Should I lift mine? Normally, yes. But here? In my bedroom? I feel like an idiot…

Now it’s time to “greet those around you.” This is awkward. I’m alone, apart from some stuffed animals. My parents are in the living room. Should I get up and go say “hi” to them, even though I’ve talked to them multiple times already this morning?

Wait, meet-and-greet is over. We’re singing again.

Woah, the camera changed angles. How’d it do that? I’ve never seen any camera in the sanctuary before except maybe a couple DSLRs and iPhones when the children lead worship. The Christmas trees are still up. I thought Christmas was over? Eh, I supposed in church, Christmas never really ends…

The mission pastor just called up some of the people who are going to India on a mission trip. WAIT! My friend is going!??!? I missed that bulletin. My friend is secretly waving at someone… but I don’t think she’s waving at me. Shhhh… we’re praying.

They’re passing the “welcome registry”(aka, attendance pad). Can somebody please sign my name?

Awww, baptism! Our missions pastor is baptizing his grandson. SO. CUTE.

The camera angle changed again. How’d it do that?!?!?!?

Glitch. The pastor was just talking about tithing and now people are singing and halfway through the song. What happened? Ohhhh, maybe this is the offertory song.

The associate pastor is preaching. On Nahum. Jon Acuff was right when he said that the regular preaching pastor would not be preaching the Sunday after Christmas. That’s okay. This guy is pretty epic too.

Grrr, the livestream keeps buffering. Struggles. Okay, it’s better now.

I missed the Scripture reference. Dang it. Pause while I go read all of Nahum to figure out where we are… Oh, it’s Nahum 1. Gotcha.

[I’m not going to post all my sermon notes. You can look here and watch the sermon yourself].

Sermon highlights:

  • God is personally focused on what is best for us.
  • God’s grace protects His people.
  • How is God’s grace protecting you now?

Altar call. Closing Prayer. Benediction. Amen.

He keeps you from stumbling
Presents you faultless
Before His Presence
With exceeding great joy

To the Wise God, Our Savior
Be all dominion and glory
Majesty and power
Forevermore, Amen.