We like to use the saying “the grass is greener on the other side” to encourage those around us when times get tough. Once you finish that exam, life will get easier. After you attend that event, life will be better. Fill in the blank for yourself. Once I ________, life will get easier.

Personally, I had a lot to do before life got better. For me, the blank was a long list…

After I…

  • figure out how I am getting to New York
  • drive the 9 hours to Raleigh
  • catch two planes from Raleigh to New York
  • learn the subway system
  • get back from New York (though NYC was totally amazing!)
  • drive the 9 hours back to Birmingham
  • get an internship for the summer
  • find one last speaker for our TEDx conference
  • fully pull off a TEDx conference
  • deal with Secret Service and photograph Laura Bush
  • catch up on all the work I’m behind on
  • sleep

…life will get better.

I can finally say that I can successfully check off all the boxes, and life is finally back to normal. No more speed racing around the East Coast trying to keep everything on track.

It’s time to finally breathe.