The coming of the spring semester also brought about the coming of Step Sing season here at Samford University. For those who don’t know what Step Sing is, allow me to explain:

Those who wish to participate divide into 15 teams, each made up of 50-70 members. For nearly 40 hours over the next two weeks, they rehearse 6 minutes of themed music and choreography. It’s a beautiful time of community and fellowship, as well as song and dance.

At the end of all the practice, they dress up and perform three times in front of sold-out crowds at Samford’s Wright Center.

Themes this year ranged from bowlers to knights to neanderthals to crayons to dogs.

But after Valentine’s weekend, all of it goes away. All the sparkle and shine disappears. The communities that met every night to practice no longer meet.

And regular life continues.

Step Sing has been over for a week now, but I still go through old choreography and song lyrics in my head. I still wildly swing my knightly, foam sword when no one is watching. I still high five and hug my former team members when I see them.

Step Sing may be over, but its remnants remain, as does the community it created.

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