During the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas, churches, school group, cub scouts, and other good-will wishers flock to nursing homes and homeless shelters, hoping to bring some joy and happiness to the not-so-fortunate. The old are happy. The homeless have food in their bellies and a new overcoat and pair of socks. The local food pantry is overflowing with food.

Life is beautiful.

Then New Years comes.


By March, all the food donated to the local food pantry has been passed out. The shelves are barren.

The homeless go hungry, as do the children of the single mother who works three jobs. The old folks in nursing homes? They are bored and haven’t had a single visitor in weeks.

The thanks of Thanksgiving and the loving and charitable spirits we adopt during the Christmas season have disappeared completely.

With the new year right around the corner, let’s not forget to keep loving and giving thanks to one another throughout the entirety of the new year. Let us not forget to serve on another with the love of Christ.