When I first started the process of healing and reconnecting to love and my authentic self, I began to see just how many defense & coping mechanisms and limiting belief systems I had.

One of the first things my life consultant Victoria told me was that we are all made to be targets for Love.

Let’s be real, I didn’t believe that. It sounded like absolute bullshit.

If that was true, then what was keeping me (and millions of other people like me) from experiencing this magical thing Victoria called “love.” Heck, I had heard of it before but knowing what it was like to fully embrace and experience it? Not so much.

Here’s the truth: life happens.

Each time we walk through something hard or go through trauma (big or small), we put up defense & coping and create belief systems that keep us “safe.”

A lot of these develop as a result of a less-than-perfect childhood between the ages of 0-14. Others develop as a result of major loss or trauma (ie: loss of a parent, house fires, assault, etc).

We may need these coping mechanisms while we’re going through extreme suffering, but living with them past their expiration date hurts us more than it helps us.

Remember how I said we’re a target for Love?

That’s the most authentic version of ourselves. And other people (and God, of course) want to shoot at us with Love Arrows. (Okay, I get how that may sound a little hokey, but hang in there with me.)

However, each defense mechanism and limiting belief is like a shield that covers up the target. As we add on more coping mechanisms, less and less arrows can reach the target.

Depending on our life story, by the time we’re adults, we can have so many defense & coping mechanisms and limiting beliefs that we rarely feel loved.

So what do you do? How do you get reconnected to love?

You begin taking down the defense and coping mechanisms which then allows Love to get into the places of pain.

Eventually, as you let down guard after guard and remove limiting belief after limiting belief, you find your authentic self and be reconnected to Love.