Food has been something I’ve always struggled with. The frequent thought of “I don’t believe there is enough” is followed with “Even if there was enough, I wouldn’t know how to cook it.”

Growing up, we didn’t always have food in the house. The pantry would be full – but very little of it was either not outdated or good for making an easy meal. I usually had grits from the school cafeteria for breakfast, a sandwich or crackers for lunch, and dinner was a toss-up. Sometimes we’d get a homecooked meal, but if dinner was “on your own,” I usually ended up with having a slice of bread with a glass of milk or making a run to Wendy’s.

For the record, I was not taught how to make much more than a bowl of cereal and sandwiches… oh, and cookies, of course. It wasn’t until college that I learned how to cook chicken.

As a result, I get really triggered in the kitchen and have to fight a lot of feelings of powerlessness.

So what the heck do I do about it?

I’ve worked to turn the kitchen into a place where I feel abundance and practice self-care.

This morning, I treated myself to homemade muffins… and by homemade I mean, I mixed together a bag of muffin mix and half of a cup of milk.

When I had 2 muffins left over, I reminded myself that there is an abundance of food available to me.

To be quite honest with you, I don’t like having to scrub muffin out of my muffin tin pan thingy, so I wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil. Well, I accidentally threw away some extra aluminum foil that I “should” have used to wrap up the extra muffins. Instead of beating myself up or allowing myself to get triggered into thinking “there’s not enough,” I told myself (out loud) that I have more than enough aluminum foil. There is an abundance of aluminum foil, and even if I run out at home, there is an abundance at the grocery store 2 minutes from my house.

Creating an abundance mindset means finding and calling out places of abundance on a consistent basis, no matter how small or insignificant the “abundance” may seem.

Why does it matter?

We all have 2 options: live in scarcity (which is victim mentality and powerlessness) or live in abundance.

When we chose to live in scarcity, we are choosing to live in survival mode. When in live survival mode, we have more stress and anxiety. Plus, we end up acting out of our ANS (autonomic nervous system) and the emotional part of our brain, making it significantly harder to make rational decisions.

When we’re living in scarcity and powerlessness, life just gets harder – both emotionally and physically.

Choosing abundance makes life better.

And it starts with one small step, one small change, at a time.