Life terrifies me. It’s constantly evolving and changing in ways that I cannot predict. Every day, I have to make hundreds of decisions that will affect me and those around me, basing my decision off just a small sliver of information.

Too often, with so much at stake all the time, we’re afraid to take risks, fearful of going on an adventure, too terrified of what could lie beneath us if we were to just jump off the cliff if we’re standing on.

For crying out loud, just jump off the cliff. If we never take risks, we will never experience life the way it was meant to be lived. God did not design us to live in fear, shaking in our boots about what’s just around the corner. Take a leap of faith and jump into the foam-crested sea beneath you, into all that God has in store for you… for you cannot experience the sea if you never jump into the sea…

Perhaps you’re telling yourself you’ll jump later – when you’re more secure, when you feel the time is right.

If you’re telling yourself that, you never will jump.

Not now, not ever.

So if you’re ever going to jump, just do it now.