Many hiring managers will tell you not to hire someone fresh out of college. Why would you? Their experience in the workforce is little to none, right? You need someone who is experienced, wise, and dependable.

Here’s 4 quick reasons why you should hire someone who is new to the workforce:

  1. They are optimistic. Yes, there is a lot of bad surrounding the economy and workforce, but today’s 20-somethings still have hope. They haven’t been worn down after watching colleague after colleague burn out, retire, or lose their job from the recession.
  2. They are passionate. They care about what they do. In the past, students were told to get a job that pays well so they can live a long life and die happy. Now, they’re being told to do what they care about, and what they care about are making a difference and doing things that matter. So if they’re in your career field, they’re in it because they believe they can make a difference in that field. John didn’t just become a doctor for the money. He became a doctor so that he can take care of people and bring them hope. Sarah didn’t become a software developer, so she can become the CEO of a (hopefully) major start-up company. She did it so she can use her skills to improve lives and make the jobs of other people easier.
  3. They are tech savvy. The internet was not invented when they were in high school, college, or even when they were adults. The internet was being created at the same time as when they were being born. Today’s 20-somethings grew up as the internet and technology blossomed. They were raised with technology, and now, it’s something that is natural to them.
  4. They are innovative. Today’s 20-somethings want to try new things. They don’t just improve what’s already been created, they discover and create for themselves.

All that to say, give the newbies a chance. They want to make the world a better place. After all, they are paying into your Social Security funds – not theirs.