If there is one thing my twenty years of existence has taught me, it’s that life is not easy. While it’s exciting many times, it can also be quite boring and weary. Let’s get real. Every day, I wake up at 6, attend class, and then go to work until 5 PM. At 5, I eat dinner, and then go from there. It can be a monotonous cycle of class discussions, lectures, sitting behind a computer, waltzing and foxtrotting (for my social dance class, of course), and babysitting. If the college years are supposed to be the best years of your life, I hate to know what lies ahead.

Now before we go any farther into this dreariness, I want to remind us that we are called by God to persevere through the monotony, no matter how weary we may be. “Carry on, my child,” He whispers gently, nudging us along on this path called Life. And so we carry on, waiting for something exciting, something so beautiful to break the mundane.

…and eventually, it comes.

It took me a long time to discover why we have to go through so much monotony and days where nothing seems to happen. I’ve come only to two conclusions.

The first is that if every day was full of excitement and energy and doused in zeal, we would never have time to rest. We would never have time to rest and worship through rest. We’d all either burn out or go crazy from all the excitement and constant chaos around us.

The second conclusion is that if life was exciting all the time, we’d miss a lot of what God was up to. When we’re living in the mundane and something spectacularly God comes along, it’s clear. We don’t risk missing that which matters most. (That’s not to say that God does not move in the mundane. He does so on a regular basis, but it’s much easier to see him move when there are fireworks).

And so, because of this, we carry on, weary as we may be, persevering through the throes of life, wandering soldiers of God we might be.