On Saturday, I said goodbye to over 60 new college graduates who had been some of the most amazing friends I had ever had. They were off – to Florida, to North Carolina, to Ireland, to Rwanda – to start new lives for themselves. While I have not yet graduated, I too started a new chapter.

On Saturday, I packed up everything I owned into my tiny Toyota Camry and drove 4 hours to a place farther West than I have ever travelled.


Stop, laughing. I’m serious. I’ve been to Chicago and Nicaragua, yet the farthest I’ve ever been is still Memphis, Tennessee.

What am I doing here? I’am the new summer intern for the senior high youth ministry at Independent Presbyterian Church. Sunday was our first day as interns, and it was, to say the least, what I trust will be the beginning of an exciting journey as an IPC intern.

Sunday afternoon, after church, the interns, myself included, travelled even further west – to a lake house in Arkansaw for our intern retreat.

And now that intern retreat is over, the adventure truly begins.