Self-care is an important part of living an abundant life. In order to live life to the fullest, you have to actually take care of yourself and love yourself well.

Here’s a list of 99 forms of self-care.

  1. Watch a funny film.
  2. Detox from technology.
  3. Sleep.
  4. Drink some water.
  5. Light a candle.
  6. Drink a cup of tea.
  7. Make a list of things you want to do.
  8. Diffuse essential oils.
  9. Color.
  10. Cuddle a dog.
  11. Journal.
  12. Practice positive affirmations.
  13. Write out a gratitude list.
  14. Take an Epsom salt bath.
  15. Put on clean clothes.
  16. Use a face mask.
  17. Listen to uplifting music.
  18. Watch a TED talk.
  19. Eat something healthy.
  20. Hug someone.
  21. Talk to someone.
  22. Create a vision board.
  23. Breathe deeply.
  24. Meditate.
  25. Practice mindfulness.
  26. Do something creative.
  27. Play a musical instrument.
  28. Read a good book.
  29. Write out all the things you love about yourself.
  30. Do some yoga.
  31. Forgive someone.
  32. Say “No.”
  33. Take a day off work.
  34. Take a walk in nature.
  35. Hike a mountain.
  36. Buy yourself some flowers.
  37. Sing a fun song.
  38. Do your nails.
  39. Eat some dark chocolate.
  40. Unfollow.
  41. Put on PJs.
  42. Go nuts on Pinterest.
  43. Cry it out.
  44. Change your bedsheets.
  45. Put on lipstick.
  46. Binge-watch a sitcom.
  47. Bake something yummy.
  48. Clean or declutter.
  49. Dance like nobody is watching.
  50. Exercise.
  51. Leave a toxic/negative relationship.
  52. Do a brain dump.
  53. Unplug by a certain hour of the day.
  54. Stay off your phone during the first hour of the day.
  55. Watch less TV.
  56. Turn off notifications.
  57. Keep a consistent sleep schedule.
  58. Clean your desktop.
  59. Be aware of your mindset and vocabulary.
  60. Listen to your favorite podcast.
  61. Mindfully chew your food.
  62. Eat your greens.
  63. Indulge in a treat.
  64. Get a massage.
  65. Get some sunshine!
  66. Do something that makes you laugh.
  67. Stretch your body and release the tension.
  68. Go to your favorite place.
  69. Write a love letter to yourself.
  70. Paint.
  71. Drink a glass of wine.
  72. Go on a retreat.
  73. Watch a sunset.
  74. Turn on binaural tones in the background.
  75. Try a new hobby.
  76. Reward yourself.
  77. Identify your triggers or warning signs that self care is needed.
  78. Challenge your negative thinking.
  79. Avoid negative/toxic people.
  80. Take a nap.
  81. Do something spontaneous.
  82. Create a to-do list to help clear the mind.
  83. Go for a long walk.
  84. Stop comparing.
  85. Get up early and make a good breakfast.
  86. Watch the sun rise.
  87. Visit a place of worship.
  88. Hold a baby.
  89. Write a thank you note.
  90. Commit a random act of kindness.
  91. Have sex.
  92. Make your bed.
  93. Doodle.
  94. Open a window.
  95. Open your blinds/curtains.
  96. Have a lunch date with a friend.
  97. Have a gamenight.
  98. Go to a museum.
  99. Visit a garden.