I get it! You’re busy! Whether you work for yourself or someone else, when you wake up every morning, you can feel the workday looming. The to-do list needs doing. Clients need something. Emails need responding. Pitches need sending. New trainings need watching. Calls need calling.

But you know what?


Your body needs YOU to take care of it.

Your heart needs YOU to love it.

Your spirit needs YOU to tend to it.

If you want to conquer and flourish during the workday, you have to make yourself a priority FIRST. YOU come first, not your work, not your clients, not your boss. YOU.

Why? Because if you don’t take care of yourself first, you won’t have anything to pour into everything else.

This is why I have the “15 Minute Morning Rule.” Even if I have a bajillion things to do and am running late, I can make 15 minutes for myself that are just for me.

Why 15 minutes?

A lot of people say to have a 30-60 minute morning routine for self-care. You should meditate and do yoga and journal and make a healthy breakfast and read and listen to a podcast. The list goes on and on.

However, when you’re busy, you may not have time for an entire 30-60 minutes every single day. Your mind is already spinning when you first get up and trying to calm it for such a long time period is HARD.

You can willpower your way through the first week or two for an extended self-care morning routine. However, we have a limited amount willpower. Eventually, it will go out and we’ll abandon this routine or only be able to commit to it once or twice a week.

A better alternative is to take small actions consistently to turn them into habits. Regular small habits can then lead to massive transformation in your life.

Plus, when you have small habits, you can easily build on them as time and desire allow.

In just 15 minutes, I can…

  • do some quick Yoga with Adriene.
  • journal for 10 minutes and meditate for 5.
  • make myself a healthy breakfast (instead of a granola bar) and then have a 5 minute dance party in my kitchen.
  • listen to 15 minutes of an inspirational podcast.
  • read a fun book for 15 minutes.
  • meditate for 10 minutes and then do some stretching for 5 minutes

Self-care doesn’t have to take a ton of time. You don’t have to set aside a whole hour right off the back. Just 15 minutes is a good start and way to create self-love consistency in your morning.