Social Media Management and Strategy for Your Small Business

Connect with your target audience to create loyal clients on social media.

Social media management for online businesses and coaches

Connect with your target audience to create loyal clients on social media.


I See You…

You post every once in a while… but it doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything for you. You have followers, but none of them are actually engaging with your content. It’s leaving you frustrated and unmotivated. What’s the point of social media anyways?

You’re pulling out your hair trying to figure out what to post. You are feeling uninspired to create epic content for your social media feeds that will actually connect. You don’t want to post just for the sake of posting…

Trying to keep up with all the algorithm changes feels like trying to catch a digital cheetah. It keeps changing and you literally just can’t keep up. You’re ready to throw in the towel and delete your social media altogether.

It’s time for your social media to attract your target audience and convert them into loyal clients.

Here’s The Process

Step 1 - consultation

You send an email.

You get the ball rolling by sending me an email about your business and your needs. Yes, it’s that simple.

Step 2

We create a plan.

We collaborate to determine your brand’s identity – everything from your target audience to your messaging about what you offer.

Step 3 - Aly executes your social media plan and marketing strategy

Aly creates. You grow.

I create you a visual identity (logo, fonts, colors, etc) and your brand messaging. You get empowered to grow your business & focus on what really matters.

Social media management

Let’s Start This (Digital) Party!

You gotta stop expecting people to come to you and start showing up where your tribe already is.

It’s time to get digital and that means more than just having a website. You need creative, consistent content that connects to your ideal clients where they already are so they can know, like, and trust you.

Ready to turn your target audience into loyal clients who absolutely adore you?

Your investment starts at just $300+.


What I Offer

Facebook social media management

Facebook Page Management

Over 2/3 of Americans are on Facebook, spending an average of 35 minutes per day on the platform. Most users check a business’ Facebook profile before buying from them. It’s the place where recommendations are given and community is formed. Facebook is where you build your tribe, making it an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Instagram management for online small businesses - marketing help by Aly

Instagram Management

Instagram has 500 million daily users and is more heavily used by younger demographics than Facebook. However, unlike its big brother, Instagram is focused primarily on photos and videos. Eye-catching visual content is crucial on this platform.

Pinterest management help

Pinterest Management

Used primarily in conjunction with blogging, Pinterest fuctions more as a search engine than social media. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, content creators don’t have to try to “fight the algorithm” and pins go directly to your website or blog. The key here is to focus on keywords and high-converting graphics and images.