How It Works


Whether you’re just beginning to figure out your brand and learning to communicate effectively with your audience or you’ve been marketing your brand for 25 years but need some assistance, I’m here to help.



Dig deep. Discover the who and the why behind your organization. Learn how to articulate them in a way that reveals the soul of your organization, drawing people in to connect with who you truly are. This includes your name, mission, vision, & values – along with your visual identity.


What do you want to say to your audiences? What story do you want to share? How do you clearly communicate it in a way that will impact not just their minds but their hearts to result in action? Craft your message and uncover how to tell it to each of your unique audiences and demographics.

I’ve developed multiple campaigns for organizations across the US to increase sales and event attendance. Some of these include TEDx events, monthly Chick-fil-A campaigns, Lent & Advent campaigns for churches, and more.

  • For 2 years, I developed and executed all campaign messaging and strategy for 2 TEDx events at SamfordU. TEDxSamfordU previously existed but had gone dormant. I revived it and took it from nonexistence to 90 people in attendance at our first conference and 150 at our second conference.

  • During the month of November, I developed the messaging and communications strategy for a “Buy One, Get One, Give One” (BOGOGO) campaign for Chick-fil-A Greystone that increased sales by over $9,000 and resulted in 2,000 boxed meals being donated to individuals in need. This BOGOGO campaign has since been done at other Chick-fil-A restaurants across the U.S.

  • I also oversaw Advent (Christmas) and Lent (Easter) social media campaigns for Mount Pisgah UMC, as well as a 31 Days of Good campaign in January.


Don’t just tell. Share. The words we write, the photos and videos we shoot, and the graphics we design all help share stories that grab your target audience and get them to act. We create content that is both meaningful and shareable, providing you and your audience with lasting value.

  • I have been a professional graphic designer for 8+ years, photographer & videographer for 4 years, and writer for 5+ years.

  • I served as a writer and photographer for The Local magazine, About Town magazine, Devozine magazine, and Entre Nous. I also wrote features and news articles for Samford University.

  • I also worked as the Photography Director of Entre Nous for 1.5 years and a section editor for 2 years, in addition to spending time as the Art Director at About Town magazine.

  • I’ve created branded marketing materials for TEDxSamfordU, Chick-fil-A’s BOGOGO campaign, and Beth Hallel Messianic Synagogue.

  • I spent 3 years as the head designer for Spartan Graphic Design Co., hosted by West Hall High School.

  • Design clients include: TEDxSamfordU, Chick-fil-A Greystone, Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church, Mount Pisgah UMC, Beth Hallel Messianic Synagogue, and more.


A digital presence is not just another way to connect with your audience. It’s how your brand, your organization, literally lives in the hands of your audience. We understand the ever-changing landscape and what it take to make sure the first time people experience your brand is a great experience.

  • I spent 2 years working at Samford University as part of the marketing and communications team. Part of that time was spent redesigning Samford University’s new website user interface, writing and editing web pages and fixing broken links, and writing SEO and page metadata.

  • I increased Howard College’s Twitter engagement rate by 79% and impressions per day by 97%.

  • I increased Mount Pisgah UMC’s Facebook post reach per day by 57% and engagements by 57%.

  • I increased Chick-fil-A Greystone’s average post engagement by 65%.

  • I ran Beth Hallel Messianic Synagogue’s social media campaigns that resulted in a 10% increase in weekend attendance.

  • I created and executed TEDxSamfordU’s social media campaigns that resulted in 2 sold-out, standing-room only conferences.

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Your branding and marketing say who you are but now it’s time to put that to the test. When guests experience you for the first time, what do they think? What do they feel? Will they come back? Making sure your guest impressions are at their best will ensure first-time guests come back again and again.


I’ve spent my almost entire life in ministry, 8+ years in communications, and 7+ years working in small to mid-sized businesses. I know how real the struggle can be, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s train and equip you to be the best leader possible with saving you sanity, time, and money.