Dream to Reality in 2020




What do you want to make a reality?

For years, you’ve dreamed of doing something big.

Perhaps it’s turning your passion into profit and starting a business. Maybe it’s a creative project you’ve always said you would start but kept putting on the backburner.

You want to turn your passion into a profitable business.

No more just doing calligraphy for your friend’s wedding invites for free or dirt cheap. No more art projects or handmade creations that you know people would buy but you never sell. No more writing words that never get seen by anyone but you. No more giving away free advice instead of getting paid for it. You love serving your people – but you’re ready to stop playing small and actually start making money doing what you love.

You’re tired of just dreaming about finally starting your creative project or writing that book.

People have told you that you “have a way with words,” but you don’t know how to actually get published – whether it be online, in a magazine, or in your very own book. You need someone who can help you navigate the publishing world.

You bought the mic and software to launch a podcast, but now what?

How do you create a framework, find guests to interview, brand yourself, get on iTunes & Spotify, gain an audience and market yourself? So many things to do – none of which you know how to do!

You have a rough business idea, but you don’t know where to start.

Open a store? Jump on social media? Start a website? Begin with branding? Give up? Everyone on the internet is telling you a hundred different things. It’s overwhelming!

I feel you. I was you.

You’ve have the dream of starting your own business or getting a creative project off the ground… and get paid for it.

But figuring out how to get your dream up off the ground feels difficult and overwhelming AF.

Heck, it might even feel impossible.

Aly Hathcock - life coach and Birmingham marketing strategist

I’ve been there…

The first time I had a major project I wanted to get off the ground, I had no idea how in the world to make it happen. I was scared, and honestly, the stakes felt kinda high.

Why? Because it was a TEDx event.

I knew I had to just start. I began taking all the messy action, eventually forging a path. I turned the dream of running a TEDx into an annual conference with standing room only.

I turned my side passion for graphic design into a profitable side hustle which transformed into fulltime branding & marketing business, helping businesses grow by 30-60%.

Now, I’m here to take your business idea or creative dream into reality.

“I’m so grateful to Aly for meeting with me! She really helped me get to the core issues of what’s happening in my life and business and gave me a lot of practical steps to work on those areas. Speaking with her gave me clarity and direction in my next steps, and I’m so grateful.

— Diana


You can either let your dreams burn up on the backburner… or you can invest in them.




Motivational speeches and group workshops may give you some clarity, but they won’t give you the step-by-step guidance and support you need to get your business or creative dream turned into a profitable reality.

With Dream Biz 2 Reality, you’ll receive 4 hours of coaching and consulting from yours truly. You can have a 4-hour VIP Day or split our time up into 4, hour-long sessions with support between calls.

Here’s what we’ll do…

Turn your dream into a reality by first getting clear on your vision and your goals

Clarify Your Dream

We’ll take a deep dive into your world. We’ll connect who you truly are and what lights you up. Then, you’ll dream big and get crystal clear on WHAT you want, HOW you want to serve your audience, and WHO your people are.

Develop a plan

Create a Pathway

You can’t get from here to there without a pathway. From branding and marketing to behind-the-scenes work and project management, we’ll work through the logistics of what you need to get your dream off the ground.

Implement your action plan


You don’t have to do this alone. I’ll be there to support you as you execute the plan we developed. Obstacles are a guarantee in life, so I’ll be here to help you defeat any internal gremlins, break through any limiting beliefs or mindset, and conquer any external obstacles that may arise.




Aly was amazing. It’s great to work with someone who listens and guides you in finding the right answers. I left our meeting with strategies and a plan to immediately start implementing. I highly recommend her services. You’re guaranteed clarity, honestly, excitement, and encouragement throughout your journey.

— Whitney B.

OF COURSE, you have some more questions…

How are sessions held?
Unless you are local to me, all sessions will be held via Skype.

What will we SPECIFICALLY be covering?
It depends on what your dream business or creative project is. Here’s some of what I’ve helped clients with in the past: solidifying the idea into an actual business, offer creation & price setting, content delivery, pillar story creation, ideal client discovery, administrative work, tech support, branding, marketing, publishing process, mindset work, and so much more.

What type of support do you offer after I finish our session(s)?
Glad you asked. Once you’re a Dream Biz 2 Reality alumni, you can schedule one-off sessions with me for just $125/session.

Do you work with people who want to do MLM?
If you only want to sell MLM projects, I’m not the person for you. However, if you are wanting to start your own brand or side project (coaching, digital products, services, etc) that works in conjunction with MLM products, let’s talk!

What’s the difference between a VIP Day & splitting session up over time?
Good question! In a VIP Day, we’ll go all the way from vague idea to action plan. This is for you if you’re a badass at implementing and problem-solving on your own and just need some rocket fuel added to your goal. If you choose to split up your sessions overtime, you’ll be able to execute and implement as we work together.

Are payment plans available?
Due to the nature of this program, I don’t offer payment plans. However, you can purchase individual hour-long session for $150 each via my Marketing Uplevel program.

Can you tell me more about you?
What do you want to know? I’m pretty much an open book. My background is in… well… everything. People have told me year after year that I need to “niche down,” but that’s not me. Over the past 10 years, here’s some of the titles I’ve held: Event planner. Writer. Ministry assistant. Business administrator. Usher. Food truck driver. Graphic designer. Photographer. Cashier. Social media strategist. Ticket seller. TEDx director. Pastor. “Problem Solving Jedi.” Editor. Publisher. Marketing director. Life coach.

I have a less-than-helpful assistant named Puppy Piper, and we both love frolicking in the meadow, long hikes, and pasta. Lots and lots of pasta.