Boundaries Coaching with Aly Hathcock




Let’s be honest for a moment…

You are meant to do more than just “get by” – playing by everyone else’s rulebooks.

But often, the odds feel stacked against you.

Your life does not look like you had planned it would.

You said yes to helping with someone else’s project… which put your big goal to-do list on the back burner yet again. You got home late from work and are now too tired to write your New York Times bestseller. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but you can’t seem to break the cycle. You’ve spent so much time helping and serving everyone else that your checklist goes unchecked and goals unreached.

Your life does not feel like you hoped.

You feel like you’re walking on eggshells, constantly trying not to hurt anyone else’s feelings. The more you say yes, the more you feel like you’re abandoning your own dreams and desires. Yet every time you set a boundary, you get a knot in your stomach and begin to question yourself.

When you try to enforce a boundary, you get pushback and the Gremlins start whispering in your ear. “It’s all your fault.” “You might as well give up now.” It feels like everyone else is dictating your life – who you are, what you feel, and how you spend your time, money, and energy. You’re also silently lugging around shame, guilt, insecurity, fear, and everything in between.

You’ve tried all the things but STILL haven’t gotten the results you desire.

You set boundaries, or at least, you tried to. You created a boundaries Pinterest board, read all the articles, took a boundaries course… but you’re still struggling. Building and maintaining boundaries is a lot easier in theory than in reality!

This isn’t quite the life you wanted to live…

I have good news for you…

I’ve been where you are. Rewind to a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. On the outside, I looked like I was winning at life, but it felt like I was just barely scraping by. I was playing it safe – doing “all the right things.” I knew how to fit in and do what was expected of me… but I wasn’t coming alive or thriving

Eventually, I was over it. I knew I had 2 options.

1 – I could keep living an “okay” life for the next few decades or…

2 – I could actually do something about it.

I slammed the reset button, determined to transform my life.

Reality check: Life change and transformation requires work – internally and externally!

During the process of doing all the “inner-work,” I also radically transformed nearly every aspect of my external world in a way that was sustainable and didn’t lead to burnout. New job. New living situation. New community. New relationships. New everything.

You have the power to change your life if you’re willing to put in the work. You can create a life you love starting now… and it starts with setting boundaries.

After seeing 3 separate counselors in the past 3 years, I can honestly say that Aly helped me more than any of them combined. She isn’t out to “fix” anyone, just work on breaking barriers together! Aly gave great feedback and resources that I had never gotten from anyone else. She far exceeded my expectations!

— Sarah E.


Do you think it’s worth investing in yourself and the life you want?




Let’s get clear about what you really want and then determine how to get there – from setting boundaries, taking practical action steps, and working through any mindset blocks. We’ll dive deep to get to the core issues of what’s going on in your life and create sustainable solutions.

Practical Action + Inner Work = Transformation

I’ll be your guide and coach, as well as your biggest cheerleader. Consider yourself warned: I’m not afraid to give you a good kick in the butt if needed!

You’ll be fully empowered to go after the life you know you are worthy of. It’s time for you to come alive!

Your investment? Just $60.


It’s time to stop just getting by and putting up with everyone else’s shit. Take back your power and reclaim control of your life now!

Coaching with Aly can help you…

• Gain life clarity and vision

• Increase self-awareness

• Create a sustainable action plan to get you to your goals

• Develop habits to help you achieve your goals

• Find motivation, purpose, & joy – in life and in work

• Rewire your brain to choose beliefs that support the life you want instead of holding you back

• Overcome obstacles keeping you stuck

• Better manage your time & energy and create balance

• Find your voice & say “no” without apologizing or feeling guilty for setting boundaries

• Do what’s best for you, instead of only focusing on others

• Exercise your gifts and talents in a way that feels meaningful

• Break out of less-than-stellar cycles that are keeping you from your dream life

• Manage and process your emotions healthily

• Live life intentionally instead of just reacting to what happens

• Take ownership of your life & live wholeheartedly


“I’m so grateful to Aly for meeting with me! She really helped me get to the core issues of what’s happening in my life and business and gave me a lot of practical steps to work on those areas. Speaking with her gave me clarity and direction in my next steps, and I’m so grateful.

— Diana

Here’s what you’ll get…

In our coaching sessions…

• Tools & strategies to reach the goals you have for yourself and your life

• Action steps to get you to where you want to be

• Homework assignments between sessions to solidify your growth

• Email access to me for support between sessions (included with session packages only)

From yours truly…

• Coach to help you find the clarity and answers you need within yourself

• Adventure guide to help you plot your way to victory!

• Gremlin fighter to help you defeat the voices in your head holding you back

• Mindset warrior to help you rewire the beliefs & thoughts keeping you stuck

• Accountability partner to kick your butt as needed

• Problem solver to help you navigate difficult obstacles

• Compassionate cheerleader (minus the pom poms) for extra encouragement

Aly is the best freelance marketer in Birmingham, Alabama.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching IS for you if…

✔ You want to improve your life in one or more areas.

✔ You’re ready for change.

✔ You’re ready to go within to find what’s right for you & take action

✔ Your life is not working the way you hoped it would and you’d like to change it

✔ You don’t have high levels of past Trauma

✔ You’re willing to be brutally honest with yourself and be open to feedback

✔ You’re ready to look at your fears and limiting beliefs (including their root causes) so you can conquer them

Coaching is NOT for you if…

✘ You believe your life is good enough.

✘ You hate change.

✘ You want easy answers given to you & not have to take action

✘ You struggle with high levels of dysfunction needing clinical treatment

✘ You have significant unresolved Trauma

✘ You just want to manage beliefs and behaviors holding you back instead of overcoming them

✘ You want to believe life is happening TO you instead of for you