You’ve created your SMART goals. You set your action plan in motion. Yet you still don’t reach your goal.

What happened? How did you go from #goalcrusher to… well… not achieving your goals?

The answer?

Lack of honest self-awareness.

Woah, bet that hurt a little bit.

Allow me to explain.

You are kidnapped from your house, blindfolded, and then thrown in a car. You drive for a few hours and land in the middle of the woods, no landmark in sight. The driver hands you a map and says, “Good luck getting home.”

You see, you have your goal – to get home.

You have your action plan – the map.

However, you have no idea where you actually are ON the map, rendering the map 100% useless.

And if you don’t have an action plan, how are you ever going to reach your goals?

You aren’t?

So what do you do about that?

You get really honest about where you are and where you’ve been.

At intelligence agencies, agents are taught to have really great self-awareness. If they got kidnapped, they’re taught to pay attention to what turns the vehicle takes, how long they’re in the vehicle, and so much more. This way, they at least vaguely know where they have been and where they are.

Since you’re probably not 007, we’re going to reverse engineer this a bit to help you gain some self-awareness so you can accomplish your goals.

10 Questions to Grow Your Self Awareness

  • What am I naturally talented at?
  • What am I skilled at?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What are my weaknesses?
  • What external obstacles are standing in between me and my goal? Resources? Time? Energy? Money? Something else?
  • Given my current circumstances and abilities, do I actually have the capacity to reach this goal?
  • What do I actually believe about myself?
  • What do I believe about the journey I need to go on to achieve my goals?
  • What limiting beliefs am I holding onto that are going to slow down or hinder my progress?
  • Are there any cycles I’m caught in that are keeping me stuck?

The truth is that growing your self-awareness can be painful and difficult. It requires that we get out of denial and face who we really are – both the parts we love about ourselves and our shadow aspects.

However, once we fully understand where we are, we can much more easily get to where we are going.