If you’ve still missed it, I’m on a controversy kick. At the bottom of this article, you can find links to the first 3 posts. I promise – this will be my last post of controversy for a while.

All controversy generally starts with someone believing that another someone did something wrong – that the “controversial” person has sinned. Then, more people get involved and start choosing sides. The blame game starts. People get defensive and start attacking one another, taking all the cheap shots and defending with flimsy shields. By now, there’s an all out war, and perhaps nobody cares what the truth even is anymore. All that matters is proving that “I’m right, and you’re wrong.” The heart of man is not one of love but of war, and the issue over one person’s possible sin has caused multiple groups of people to sin.

We are fallen people. We thrive on controversy. We stand firm in our pride and arrogance. We refuse to admit our brokenness.

Only a Savior can heal us now.

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