Chick-fil-A Greystone

I worked on Chick-fil-A Greystone’s social media accounts from May 2016 until January 2017.

During that time, on Facebook, I increased average post reach by 185% and average post engagment by 65% compared to the previous year. We made the transition from primarily using content created by CFA Corporate to using a mix of Corporate content and content unique to our restaurant and our area.

During the summer, I helped execute the digital marketing strategy for LemonAid Stands. Each Saturday for 9 weeks, CFA Greystone would donate $1 for every lemonade


bought and $5 for every gallon bought to a local nonprofit. In total, we raised over $6,000 for local nonprofits. 

Once school started back, I planned, marketed, and executed 4-8 School Spirit Nights per month, as well as one special, themed in-store event. These School Spirit Nights and special events drove traffic to the restaurants when business was normally slow.

We also had a week-long Spirit Week war between Oak Mountain HS and Chelsea HS to increase sales.



In November, I created and executed both an in-store and social media campaign called “Buy One, Get One, Give One.”  This campaign increased sales by $9,000 during November provided boxed meals for over 3,000 local individuals in need.