Ministry to Media

I have two passions – ministry & visual design  (specifically logo design). I started doing graphic design from an early age in middle school and continued to develop my skills until I became the head designer for a school-run tshirt printing business. Around that time, God called me into ministry. And that is where my story starts.

International Missions:
For two years, I worked as an intern and staff member at an incredible organization called

Nicaragua missions

These are some of the guys I got to know really well while down in Nicaragua. I still talk to one of them every other week.

Amigos for Christ, a nonprofit missions organization that serves the poor in Nicaragua. At our US headquarters in Georgia, I wore many hats. I’ve done everything  from doing donation inventory in our warehouse to donor relations and data entry. During those two years, I took multiple trips to Nicaragua to serve and be able to stay in touch with everything that was going on at our Nicaraguan office.

Ministry to the Homeless:

Beverly and Jamaica are two of my friends who live on the street.

Beverly and Jamaica are two of my friends who live on the street.

I spent the summer after my sophomore year in college with the homeless. While my ultimate goal was to create a documentary that shares some of their stories with the world, I got to know many of them incredibly well and serve them through sharing Jesus and also just being present. They are some of the most amazing people I have ever met, and many of them just fell into hard times.

Youth Ministry:
I started serving with the youth ministry at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church in 2014. I fell in love with youth ministry there and worked at several churches over the years including OMPC, Independent Presbyterian Church in Memphis, and Altadena Valley Presbyterian. I currently work at Brookview Church as the Director of Student Ministries.

Somewhere along the way…
While working in ministry, I realized how much nonprofits and churches struggle with communication. They were just bad at it for one reason or another. As a journalism major and graphic designer, I hated watching organizations that wanted to do good in the world struggle to share their story. Hence, I began pouring my resources and free time into helping struggling churches and nonprofits communicate better.





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