Why Branding Matters

Your brand is who you are. If you don’t know your brand, you don’t know who you
are. A good brand acts as an achor for the church. It is woven into everything that you communicate, facilitate, and produce. Your brand is what makes you you.

Here’s a couple reasons why branding matters…
Your brand affects how people perceive your church. Our guests’ perceptions, whether good or bad, is reality. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to leverage our brand in such a way that the church is perceived as we desire it to be.

“It’s our responsibility to shape the way people view our local churches.” – Andy Stanley

Branding increases communication consistency. You use the same langauge, designs, and fonts. People know what to expect from you because you are consistent. The lack of consistency leads people to believe that your church is inconsistent in who it is, how it communicates, and what it communicates.

Branding your communications – not just visually but with your words as well – gives your ministry clarity. People see exactly who you are. Your messages become clear, concise, and more compelling. Nobody wants to wade through a mess to try to understand what you’re saying. They want to see you in all your authentic glory for who you really are.

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