Ministry Leadership 101 from Andy Stanley


Northpoint Church’s lead pastor, Andy Stanley, spoke about leadership at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta this past week. Here’s some of his thoughts…

  • Leader’s don’t leave.
  • What is the next generation worth? Everything.  
  • Let’s make sure we leave the Church in better shape for the next generation than the way we found it.
  • Organizational health always results in sustained impact.  
  • Platform ministry doesn’t always result in sustained impact.
  • We should have such stellar organizations that the marketplace comes to us to ask how.
  • Women should be treated more respectfully on a church staff than on any other staff.
  • Health brings growth.  
  • In a healthy organizations, everyone is convinced everyone is essential.
  • The organization of the church should lead the way in terms of org health. Sometimes we make it all about Sunday.
  • In healthy organizations, personal accountability is high and collaboration is essential.
  • In the corporate side of church, we have to work a lot harder for people to feel it and see it.
  • There’s no off season in ministry.
  • If you decide to become a great leader once you have an important role in leadership, you won’t ever have one.
  • I’m constantly looking for people that are looking for more and more responsibility.
  • What are we doing? Why are we doing it? Where do I fit in?  
  • Healthy people are attracted to healthy organizations.
  • Everybody knows what THEY are doing, but do they know what WE are doing?  
  • When everyone knows what we are doing, most decisions are pre-decided.  
  • If you wait until you’re an important leader to implement leadership strategies then you will never be an important leader.  
  • What WE ARE doing is what makes what I’M doing an important part of this organization.
  • One of the greatest habits you can make as a leader is saying, “You decide!”
  • Leaders make the fewest decisions possible because they are surrounded by people who can make decisions.   
  • If they know the WHAT, then they have the filter in which to evaluate the data in order to make the best decision.
  • You have to answer the question of WHAT and WHY you do.  
  • The process is oftentimes more important than the product.
  • We draw people to Jesus by creating and operating churches designed to attract and engage unchurched people.
  • We don’t just DO church, we create churches.  
  • Jesus invited people to follow before they believed.  
  • The question “why” is where you find your inspiration.
  • Why would you be a Christian? It will make your life better.
  • Following Jesus will make your life better and make you better at life.
  • Everyone needs to know: Where do I fit in?
  • Memorable is portable.
  • Interns: Do what’s asked and ask lots of questions.
  • The bullseye of leadership is doing what only you can do.
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