20 Top Quotes from Simon Sinek's CatalystATL Talk

Author and leadership expert Simon Sinek spoke about leadership at the Catalyst Conference today in Atlanta. If you weren’t able to make it (and even if you were), here are the key ideas and top quotes from his talk.

  • Leadership is not about being in charge, it is about taking care of those in your charge.
  • Anyone can be a leader just like everyone has the capacity to be a parent.
  • What do leaders need to lead? Authority isn’t it.
  • Empathy is considering the lives of others.
  • The two things leaders need in order to lead well: Empathy and Perspective.
  • Deepest human need it to be valued and feel valuable.
  • We need to feel valued & valuable. When we always check our phones, we say to those we’re w/ ‘You aren’t valuable.’
  • As leaders, if we destroy the human spirit of those we lead, we also destroy our organizations. Simon Sinek
  • Maybe we have the politicians we have because they are the politicians we deserve
  • “Let us be the leaders we wish we had. Let us be the examples.”
  • A healthy work environment is genuine about its people. Relationships matter.
  • Finite players are playing to win and infinite players are playing to keep the game going.
  • A Leader does the work with you to teach you. A Boss demands you do the work for them without teaching you.
  • “Impact takes time; making a difference is a journey.”
  • There’s no winning the game of faith or church. The game is to keep it alive and perpetuate the belief beyond us!
  • The goal isn’t to be better or beat the competition, but to outlast them.
  • “Community is a spiritual discipline. Lean into the uncomfortable to learn how to love.” – @ScottSauls
  • How about show up every day and be better than yesterday?
  • We have shelves full of self-help books but no books on how to help people.
  • Practiced empathy results in a changed spirit.
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